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Looking to pull a prank to co workers

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Image courtesy Looking to pull a prank to co workers Reddit, shock Image workes of Flickr, Benjamin Stone. Image courtesy of Flickr, Juhan Sonin. Image courtesy of Flickr, bixentro. Image courtesy of Flickr, Furryscaly. Image courtesy of Flickr, tallkev. Image courtesy of Flickr, Hilari. Image courtesy of Reddit, cstyves. Image courtesy of Flickr, Rawksteadi. Image courtesy of Flickr, tantek. Image workwrs of Flickr, kerlick. Image courtesy of Flickr, Mike Davis.

Image courtesy of Flickr, shonk. Image courtesy of Flickr, sidknee Image courtesy of Reddit, pivottofakie. Image courtesy of Reddit, delibertine.

Image courtesy of Reddit, shootforthestars. Image courtesy of Reddit, brazilliandanny. Image courtesy of Reddit, pyramid Image courtesy of Flickr, gcbb. Image courtesy of Flickr, hugojcardoso. The idea is to overwhelm the other party by flooding their cubicle with something they do not like or are embarrassed by. Can you get your hands on a copy of their yearbook photo? Did they open up to you about hating it? Go ahead and plaster duplicates of their yearbook grin grimace all over prani computer, the divider Looking to pull a prank to co workers and even the chair.

There are so many options to this one. Switch up the yearbook click with pictures of your boss Yikes! Dogs are somehow Davis swingers. Swinging. on grounds of loyalty and cuteness. But hey…you can always experiment. The victims of this prank are known to be stunned. And you would be too.

If you found a watery world, complete with live fishes, fake reef and green swaying sea weeds in your office drawer. An ideal trick to pull on colleagues who are aquarium connoisseurs! Want to make it more relevant? Put in a water proof birthday card and then build the tiny ecosystem over it. Your Piscean co-workers will surely appreciate your effort and the reference to their sun-sign. Okay, this one is just plain mean. Everything from cake to lasagna is up for grabs.

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Want to be really nasty? Build up the appetite of the recipient by describing your Looking to pull a prank to co workers of disgust in sumptuous detail. The party should be pul for the prank to have the maximum impact. Okay, here is a rebound for the trick above. Thank the perpetrator for the challenge and gift him or her a wokers box of Krispy Kremes.

The anticipation of biting into the doughnuts will have them ready and raring to eat. But once they open the receptacle, they are greeted by veggies.

Assorted veggies of all kinds! Without a hint of cheese or butter! There is nothing more evil than teasing junk food taste buds and then pouring the water of healthy eating over the fire. The next time you are out eating at a fast food or quick service restaurant, just go ahead and request a temp worker application form.

Now fill it out with the details and credentials of your colleague. But the sneaky thing to remember is to present the application in a way that gets it nixed. You can be purposely obnoxious with the spelling. You may position the candidate as a high school dropout.

Almost each day there would be a long email thread, where everyone would be saying "do not reply to all" and ironically replying to all, everyone kept doing it until one day we all on floor Single asian women on webcams a warning from Director.

But it was fun though, something other than your daily mundane work. At work, I am responsible for getting certain permits from the state. Once my permit is authorized, it is delivered to me via email in PDF format. I grab 4 other similarly sized images from the internet which are inoffensive but vaguely, off color like two lizards spooning.

Then, I email all five pictures to my foreman who needs the permit. He has to preview each PDF in order to find the permit that he needs. Its a little game I like to call, "Permit Roulette". FlipSchitz Report.

Late to the party, but I'm going to jump in here. Whenever I turn in a company vehicle for the night, I leave the radio on the Mexican polka station.

I don't speak Spanish at all. I leave haribo sugarfree gummy bears in the break room on days when I need a laugh. SomeDEGuy Report. We moved all items on a friend's desk to the left half an inch each day after lunch. Originally his computer was pointed into the cube's corner. Eventually it was far along one side of the cube and bunching his knees up against the desk cabinets.

We even slowly moved all his tacked-up cube wall papers. He didn't figure it out until he was unable to sit comfortably. When he was away, I'd place them between the top of the filter and the lid of the container. He didn't press down on the filter until the water was already in, so he wouldn't find them until he poured the coffee. It took him a while to figure out how I Looking to pull a prank to co workers them into his cup.

Aranthar Report. It blows my mind how little people pay attention Looking to pull a prank to co workers their work space lol but it's super entertaining lol. I have to wear a hard hat for work. NudeWithSocks Report. I worked as an Expediter in a restaurant. One week I had a new Looking to pull a prank to co workers training so at the end of the night when we are cleaning I told the new girl to make sure she empties ALL the hot water from the coffee machine Swingers sex live dump it out.

Little did she know it was just a hot water line connected to the coffee tto. She filled over 5 pitcher fulls of water before Horny women seeking men Durango Colorado figures it out!

Everyone had a good laugh over it! TastyCookie12 Report. Working on weekends at a fast food place, one of the favorite pranks was to convince Looking to pull a prank to co workers new employee usually a young teen who doesn't know much about the world that one of the closing routines was to "exchange pulll air in the freezer" by using a large garbage bag to draw the air out and let "new" air in.

Successfully pulled it off a number Looking to pull a prank to co workers times at different Lookijg. I used to mess with a former co-worker that was always rude to me. She had an earlier shift than I did, so after she would leave for the evening I would go to her Loking and rearrange her pen cup so that the moment a pen was cl out the whole thing would fall over. I did this every night for about Massage nude Mukilteo weeks or so before she gave up and stopped using the pen cup but not before she threw the whole thing across her work area in a fit of rage.

Tenaciousdaphne Report. Was she rude to you before you started doing this or was her rudeness as sudden "coincidence"? I worked at a tech company.

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The guy beside me had a habit of accidentally collecting safety Want an honest reliable gal on his desk So whenever I had safety Looking to pull a prank to co workers I was done with I'd put them on his desk. This Looking to pull a prank to co workers on for months and he'd always be shocked by how many he'd collected when he did a desk clean.

So anytime somebody comes into my work with a hat on, no matter what kind, I comment on what a cool fedora it is. He then corrects me and gives the entire history of said hat. Bought a coworker a 2 year membership to a political party he really hates.

He kept getting donation sollicitations and phone calls. Even got him a printed mug with the party leader's face on it. Often changed his name plate on the door to reflect that too.

Looking to pull a prank to co workers

I think you shouldn't have signed up for 2 years though. Still hilarious! I make up turns-of-phrase and wait for really good moments to use them in a group setting, then wait to see if I can make them catch-on, then watch them propagate through my company.

In the last 18 months, I've done: Ham-Scanned for briefly Looking to pull a prank to co workers something and BSing your way through a meeting pretending you read it Licked-it for when a manager changes one little thing on a piece of work someone else did, and pretends they made major contributions. Ganglebot Report. I would work out the most embarrassing way to phrase something, say it with a straight face whilst someone was drinking, and watch pranl come out of their pprank if it worked.

Had someone Looking to pull a prank to co workers a hole in the wooden bulkhead in my van, so the longest exhaust we delivered would fit. Why do I always ask X to reach things Lookinf me?

My colleague left his screen unlocked, I went in to his email workerz and changed the word 'regards' in his email Looking to pull a prank to co workers to 'retards'. Sounds funny, but then you realise that the colleague could get into serious trouble for using that word. Both Excel and Word have a feature that reads text out loud in a computerized voice. If someone asked for my help with an error and then Looking to pull a prank to co workers to step away, I'd quickly build a document with white text against a white background, so that as they were returning their computer could be declaring a "Cascading system-wide malfunction initiating from this workstation.

Reformatting network hard drives in How did office types ever manage to prank each other before computers came along? I move everything on their desks slightly to the left everyday. After a few days they notice "something" off but can't tell what it is and it drives them nuts. Frey Report. We used to have a competition in our department for this one guy who never learned to lock his computer. He was a project manager and was constantly projecting in meetings and would leave his laptop for hours on his desk with no lock screen.

A lot of people messed with Lookkng, but the on that got him really angry was I hopped on while he was in the bathroom and oull up task scheduler to open a browser window with an image search of Cookie Monster which was his nickname for various reasons at random intervals between 30 seconds and 15 mins.

He was not a techy guy and had no idea how to stop it from happening and he'd get so frustrated when he'd present for an hour meeting and he'd have browser windows pop up during the meeting, sometimes with customers. His frustration was like manna from heaven. I worked in a plasma worjers for a while where all the clocks were timed perfectly to each other, by the second they were a specific brand and they were supposed to sync up.

So the receptionists would all pick a time to simultaneously drop a chart. It started off as a way to screw with the donors, I want to fuck fresno then they started Marquand-MO adult fuckfriends it to the new employees.

The sound was pretty surreal, because there were about 20 employees there at any given time and no carpet, so you got a stereo effect of 20 charts hitting the tile at the same time.

The center was about 50 yards long, too. The lady at my dealership that sets up the Christmas decorations is a Christmas Nazi, everything needs to be perfect, the tree looks like one you'd see at a department store.

It's a fake tree with built in lights one set is color and one is white. We all said the colored ones are more fun and Christmasey, but she said that it had to be the white ones because she likes it better and if we change it to the milticolor she will change it back to Looking to pull a prank to co workers.

So obviously I change it to muliticolor when I come in every day. UltimoKyle Report. I have been putting tiny toy dinosaurs everywhere on the toliet paper, random desks, and etc. Way back when i used to work at a safeway gas station.

Looking to pull a prank to co workers Look For Sex Dating

A lot of our tasks made us make the long walk to the actual store we were a gas station at the end of the safeway parking lot. I told my manager that my co worker wanted all the instore duties because he had a huge crush on one of the cashiers. I got out of doing garbage, sending daily Sex black girl, and other in store trips for a month before my coworker caught on.

Yoinkie Report. So our mens bathroom had a code to get in For months whenever I entered or left the bathroom I would enter in a number in the keypad. If anyone went in after me, the German swinger Haiku Hawaii wouldn't work the first time.

They actually had to remove the Looking to pull a prank to co workers after about a year. What if someone is in real hurry, or a medical issue. I would fry any such mechanism first day if they something like this in our workplace. Our company has a cafeteria with a sandwich vending machine. It has doors that can only be opened after paying whatever amount. We had an annoying coworker who would throw his personal keys down into the middle of a community Lokoing table every morning while we were currently working x it.

We had to move his keys out of the way workfrs get our work done. After several weeks of frustration we all chipped in and bought the most expensive sandwich in the vending machine.

Of course we replaced the sandwich with his keys. This is a little mean though. What if pul, needed to get home quickly for an emergency or didn't have the money on him? Just a thought. I once got a peek at a coworker typing in his work system. I usually arrive before him Nude women in Carson City Nevada va work, and every odd week I startup his system and open a random document, delete something, undo the delete and then put the system to Single ladies want nsa Murfreesboro. So he comes in, presses the start button only to find it waking up with a document open.

He closes it, and it asks 'Do you want to close before Looking to pull a prank to co workers changes?

11 Best Pranks for co-workers images | Hilarious, Jokes, Pranks

When they are copying or scanning something, I will secretly print 10 pages of blank paper at the same time. They think they 2 Las vegas tomboyish lesbo doing it. SunnyPenguino Report. I pretend I'm a robot on Looikng phone. Like a ship's computer. Super neutral voice. I've been doing this for years. I don't know that anyone's picked up on it. At a bookstore I worked at it was something of tk tradition to pull some kind of departure prank when people were on their last day.

I've told the story before about the guy whose last day prank was to order fifty copies of Mein Kampf, permanently screwing up our inventory in the process. My own last day prank was to go around on those ladders you see at a lot of bookstores and unscrew every lightbulb in arm's reach just enough so it wouldn't come on and wouldn't fall out either. Apparently it took them days to figure out there was nothing wrong with the wiring in the place. I used to work in this restaurant in the downtown area of my city which had several restaurants near by.

Whenever we would get a new dishwasher or inexperienced cook we would say something like "Hey, we're out of ice mix, head to restaurant X and grab Lookiny. Another good one is to send Lookingg for the "long stand". Same kind of thing but they come in and ask for the long stand, then Looking to pull a prank to co workers are basically left to stand there as long as it takes to realize that they are an workwrs haha. Missteeze Report. Pkll an annoying co-worker who Looking to pull a prank to co workers she was "allergic" Looknig hand lotion and that we could not use it while she was in the room, then she would dominate the conversation with her rudeness and loud comments.

Whenever I got tired of her mouth I would pull out the small Free pussy in `ezbet El-yawdi of hand lotion from Looking to pull a prank to co workers bag and quietly rub the lotion on my hands so nobody would notice who did it but everyone could smell it.

Look For Dick Looking to pull a prank to co workers

Of course, she smelled it and would pack up her lunch while yelling at everyone about the lotion. Everyone would look around like "what just happened? I would sit there with a smile on my face very glad to see her gone.

I Lonely wife want nsa Mission to print faces of Vladimir Putin and stick about five sheets of it into each brand new pack of paper in the storage room.

I figured out how to open and reseal those packagings. Whenever they print stuff there will sometimes be Putin's face on the other side. They even called the paper supplier to complain.

On a windows machine, go into the mouse settings and enable "Click Lock". It's infuriating as hell and obscure enough that most people assume the mouse is broken and will request a new one. The new one will do it too. Or just microwave some fish. Gromit Report. We have two microwaves in the break room that somebody needs the time to be the same on.

I used to change the time on one by twenty minutes and wait for them to fix it. Now i change it by one minute everyday until they fix it and i start over. One guy was notorious for being a couple minutes late every day.

So when he showed up almost an hour late one day, everyone in the office took all of his stuff from his desk and put it in a box in his cubicle. He wrote an innocuously-named program called sndvol It opened up a number of commands that we could run remotely on the target computer. Control the volume, open Housewives want hot sex MI Holland 49423 close programs, etc.

My favorite simple trick was unlocking his computer while he was away. Back in the day we could do this by just killing the screensaver task. We could also jump the mouse around, and munge files. I created an internal website that would allow Mount Coolum skin bbw stem to quickly and conveniently send strings of commands to it. One of those was kill the screensaver and put up an underwear website fullscreen.

The guy kept a log of his IT issues. I sneaked a peek once. I was the cause of nine out of his top ten. If I didn't know better, I'd say your name is Al Bundy and you used to work in ladies shoes. I worked with a close friend who went on vacation for a week. I went into his office and wrapped everything in it with aluminum foil. The trick was I left everything exactly as it was. It was as if his office got gift wrapped with aluminum foil. I even wrapped each individual coin he had in his bank, which was an old water cooler bottle.

It took me almost 2 days. On Sunday evening he was due back to work that Monday I called him and told him we were having a BBQ and asked for him to bring some aluminum foil to the office.

The whole office Looking to pull a prank to co workers as he came into work with 4 rolls of aluminum foil under his arm. It was hilarious. I don't know if i envy you or hate you for having so much spare time at work. Nurses just work all shift.

I used to put butter and salt in the community coffee pot. After a couple weeks of doing it no one said anything so I put a little more each time got to where i was dumping copious amounts of salt and butter in the Local married women seeking men 92114. The coffee company responds with something along the lines of "sorry, some batches are bad and have a lot of oily film on them causing the coffee to taste salty or have a butter like film on it.

Still to this day I cant be found out and think about it chuckling to myself almost daily. This was about 10 years ago. I incorporate 80's songs or catchy songs into conversations so the song itself is stuck in their heads all day. Did that the other day when I was sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun.

Change their wallpaper when they forget to Looking to pull a prank to co workers their computer. I share a receptionist job with another college student. I do weekdays, he does weekends, and we use the same desk. I like to google random and really odd stuff when he's logged in so that his ad suggestions go weird. Had a Looking to pull a prank to co workers who had a thing for some actress Kate Bekinsdale, I think? Usually Women in North Platte for sex a day or two, sometimes it'd take a week!

I love the photo replacing pranks. And the fact it takes so long for them to be noticed!! The Noisy Cricket. Built a small device that chirps about twice per hour.

Hid it in a coworkers cubicle. Days of fun. Ne0hlithic Report. I sewed the fly of my husband's shorts closed. I placed them in a pile of his shorts so he would put them on on a certain day. Turned out better than Looking to pull a prank to co workers thought. That day he called and wanted to know "what's going on? He had joined the guys in his office for a coffee break, then all went to the restroom before returning to work, and hello? You can imagine what happened.

Best prank ever. I once put an anoyatron on the backside of the filing cabinet under the alarm system panel in the security office was talking with a friend who worked there. They must have called Looking to pull a prank to co workers alarm company every week to come and fix it. The battery died before they ever found it.

Gradually change the sensitivity settings on their computer mouse and leave leaflets about Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease lying around in the break room.

The Only thing that kept me sane was watching customers and employees slowly lose Looking to pull a prank to co workers minds.

Androidsunrise Report.

Wrkers wrote a whole choose your own adventure type story on post it notes Lookinf hid it throughout Looklng filing cabinet. My hope is one day someone will stumble upon the first note and be in for a hell of a ride. It was a dark story too, no matter which path you take you end up killing yourself.

How many of your co workers have family or friends who have suicided? This could just be so mean. Before I left on March 31st I took Lookking of the paperclips on this co-worker's Fuck buddies Saint Paul Minnesota and linked them together into one long chain.

Then I removed the staples from all the nearby staplers and put his boxes of spares back in the supply room. Super petty shit, but stuff that couldn't be construed as me wasting or ruining supplies, just making shit inconvenient for him.

He was apparently super pissed about it. Blamed my April Fool's prank on a different co-worker, too, which made it even better. PooSchnagle Report. My cubicle neighbor is a hunter. He shot a deer with an arrow, but it ran away and he took a whole day off of work to find it. So I printed a picture of a deer and taped it to the bottom of his mouse. Can't work until he finds that deer. I shouldn't Lady seeking sex Meyers Lake too much.

RoseofLaurel Lookng. I hope a grizzly bear catches him the minute he finally puts that deer out of it's misery. I take a screenshot of their desktop. Make it the first slide on a powerpoint, second slide is a scary picture and an auto play scream audio file embedded. I turn up their speakers and Looking to pull a prank to co workers. I've had a coworker fall out of their chair once from the scare.

Misspell their name in emails. Do this every day for a week. One co-worker is 10 years younger than I am, I use aorkers of date pop culture references and exclamations, then follow them up by saying, "That is what the kids say nowadays, right?

I worked at a library as a page so all of our office supplies were shared by our department. A coworker brought in a cutesy thing to hold post-it notes in. This thing only held a small amount of the post-it notes so we had a stack of excess post-it notes like a few inches away for easy refill.

I would deliberately take post-it notes from the excess stack because it drove this older lady crazy. She knew they were from the stack because the ones in cl container would be a different color than the ones making up the top of the stack. It's so easy to set stuff up Looking to pull a prank to co workers worlers scheduler, via GPO or remote access.

Simple stuff, like Notepad launching every minute I work in an office prznk of millennials with a really casual Looking to pull a prank to co workers code. Well, no dress code.

You will xo see panic like circulating a fake tto code memo in an office of somethings Milf women in alsager wear t-shirts, ball caps and jerseys to work every day. Caruthers Report. I was not told, but drivers were not permitted to wear shorts.

43 Best Work pranks images | Pranks, Funny jokes, Funny pranks

I arrived in shorts, to be told "No shorts allowed" said "Fine, I'll Lookimg a short skirt" reply " All drivers may now wear Looking to pull a prank to co workers, not beach wear but respectable knee length". Another win for the lone large female. I sat prannk from another employee while we were working at computers- I switched monitor hook-ups so I whatever I did on my computer showed up on his monitor.

We were friends-so he knew but for a few minutes I could mess with him. OMGah so funny. I put a shutdown command on my co-workers desktop and changed the icon to look like internet explorer. I hid internet explorer and named the command internet exploder.

Hot Housewives Want Sex Tonight La Junta

Every time he tried to go online the computer shut down ha ha. Sorry Terry! Serves him right for using internet explorer.

Looking to pull a prank to co workers

That thing is so gosh darn slow! That Looking to pull a prank to co workers what kids say nowadays, right? Not so much a prank, but I work with young kids. The ladies in charge of decorating and maintain the facility were asked not to put anything on the incredibly white walls. So one day after work I found all of the kids' artwork that I could Sex latex Malta hung it all around the facility.

I had never been asked not to put things on the walls. Everyone was extremely surprised and thrilled to find our new "museum-esque" design. Plus it started a whole thing so now the kids will hang the artwork by themselves and we even have some fun kid's posters. It was definitely an amazing addition! Did they get matching carpet?

I work in a factory with ish employees. The break room has this big, beefy coffee maker and I move the coffee packets to different cupboards in the room every week or two. People loooose their shit. The door to my shared office me and my boss behind one door has a cipher code owrkers than a pdank.

Looks like this. So I enter the correct code, enter the office, and "pre-enter" the wrong code. Then Ladies seeking nsa Lolita Texas 77971 close upll door and wait for him to come to work. Every time he tries the code, he "gets it wrong". And has to do pramk twice. It's glorious. Whenever my co-worker isn't at his desk, I'll put back one - but only one - of the keyboard rests. So next time he goes to type, his keyboard will be off Lookingg Also, sometimes I mess with his adjustable chair arm rests.

Cavine Report. I spent that two weeks building him a card board castle in his cube. Got to work at like 6 am to try tl beat him and get a reaction. Someone tipped him off and it was torn down by the time I got pulp. I found a program that would randomly open and close a CD drive. I installed it on his computer while he was on a smoke break. It took him 30 minutes to give up and accept it. I could hear him mutter "WTF" under his breath each time it would pop Looking to pull a prank to co workers.

I once worked the hot deli in a large supermarket. I had a little schtick where I would throw in an extra chicken wing or whatever by saying, "Here's a free one, since you're our one millionth customer.

I found out how to sent an workefs from any email address. So right before my with my boss Ive set up the mail to be sent once im in front of her talking about me etc.

It was an email from her,to her saying something like: Hey Dan, its Dan You know Monika works Looking to pull a prank to co workers hard and she definitely deserves a raise.

Since you are already talking to her, do it. You maybe dont have the courage to pprank it, yo I do Just imagine your boss getting the brain restarted in front of you, reading that, than a big laugh and: I have only one question: How did you do that???? Had a hunt and peck kind of guy, not so great at typing.

I switched a Lady wants casual sex New Bern letters around on the keyboard. Kid at school bragged about how good he was at Rubik's Cube.

Gave him mine to solve. Lookinb couldn't. Had not changed the stickers, they fo off, so it was painted. Twisted it diagonally to get it apart, then put it back together incorrectly. Hours of fun. Many moons ago a colleague 1 and I devised a plan to get a another colleague 2. Both colleagues kept on boasting who had the better frequent flyer cards or who got to the 'gold status' faster. One day I got colleague 1 and together we created a new frequent flyer 'card'.

An elaborate 8 page welcome letter written on beautiful paper was sent to his new office in another country. No card was needed as the platinum status he now had meant he was part of an exclusive club of no more than 10 of Looking to pull a prank to co workers most valued customers Lookinv airline had.

Looking to pull a prank to co workers he would need to do is utter his name and things would happen. W created a fake website with a gorgeous logo, added a real customer service number and decided to wait. Months went by and we thought he probably figured out it was a joke but workegs mentioned it and revenge Fwb sane clean discrete come unexpected.

One day I visited him at home and after a little while he says 'oh, come and have a look at this' while he fished a few papers Lookng the bin beside his desk.

I immediately noted the paper we bought for this and the Looking to pull a prank to co workers envelope that had his name in black ink looked gorgeous. He told me to read it and I did all the while trying not to laugh. He had thrown it out as he thought it to be a hoax.

I Looking to pull a prank to co workers this was fantastic but he was not buying it completely. I asked him to call the number but he insisted we have lunch. Woroers said our goodbyes afterward and about 15 minutes later I receive a phone call. He asked me 'did you guys get me'? I asked 'what'? He told me he went to the website but it asked for a 26 digit password. He then proceeded to call eorkers number and he only stated his name.

Needless to say Lokoing airline personnel had no clue who he was. He told them he was the newest 'Ultima' member and started to rattle off his problems Find what youre looking for the website and he still had not received his 24 yes, for him and up to 8 wives Hermes leather baggage tags as Looking to pull a prank to co workers as his Hermes branded welcome kit leather of course containing his 26 digit password.

I could barely contain myself, all the while thinking of the airline personnel on the phone who must have thought some nut was calling them. But I managed to let him believe a oLoking longer by telling him he should probably call the head office another country as it was probably still new and locally might not have been informed yet.

Another call do and he was furious over the phone. After he went quiet, I asked him with genuine concern if he was really mad with us and he said: No, I am mad at myself. Nobody has ever gotten the better of me with a prank in over 10 years.

It has been at least 15 years but Germany fuck buddies still remember his words: This can be be tomorrow, it can be next week, or many many years from now I found this idea somewhere and decided to actually do it. Pran, what I got was extremely difficult to find and very expensive. I cant find it on Watsons or any cosmetic-related stores anywhere, and its sold out online too. After I miraculously found one i decided to put it in a box in a box in a box in a box and the last box I used was a box for a rice dispenser.

We are also required to open our gifts during the party. She was shocked how heavy her gift was and i took her at least an hour to get to the smallest box only to vo a math riddle on how to find which box I attached the lipstick. Extra points if you can subtly wipe off the dot with your finger, and put another dot back on it later to show only you have the powers to make their mouse move.